A Sampling of Photos in Oakland's Camille Resource Center

These are only a few of the photos at the Oakland Museum.

Please visit us to see many more photos as well as videos and our Camille exhibit room.

* Click on the small photos below to see larger ones. *



Photos by Brower York
Route 6 (east) Route 6 (east) Route 6 (east) Route 29, Woods Mill Route 29, Woods Mill
Rt.29, Woods Mill Davis Creek Route 29, Lovingston Route 29, Lovingston Massies Mill


Photos by Sgt. E. C. Riner


Photos by Austin Embrey taken in Lovingston on the morning of August 20, 1969
Front St. (south) Front St. (funeral home) Front St. (north) Green Acres (south) Green Acres (south)

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